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The Sound of Animals Fighting - Another Leather Lung

Jethro Tull | Songs from the Wood, 1977 (remastered)

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It’s not often that two of your favorite bands tour together. This tour was in support of Tool’s Lateralus and King Crimson’s The ConstruKction of Light. It was badass! But was it really 12 years ago? Feck, I’m old.


Robert Plant by Chuck Boyd

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Black Sabbath - War Pigs

Good Friday to all, I’m not posting often, sorry. I missed this classic song.

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blacklightjer-deactivated201403 asked: Agalloch fan? I met them :) very awesome group of guys.

Yeah! Thanks :D


David Gilmour, Paul & Linda  McCartney on Led Zeppelin concert

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Feel like Exodia

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Jump up, look around

find yourself some fun

No sense in sitting there hating everyone.

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